The Mood Lights Project

This is a project that I particularly enjoyed because it ties my love of graphic design and art and colors with my love of circuits and robots. In this project, I display colors both in RGB LEDs and in terns of it's constituent R, G, and B values. This project has opened up opportunities for me to explore and analyze the random function, and system/computer colors as a whole. Check out the gallery and documentation to find out more about my final result! [UPDATE: I added a connection between this project and the My Image Suite Python script (see Projects > My Image Suite) by adding functionality so that I can display the RGB values of a selected photo's pixels through the board. The method for parsing the image is similar to this, with the added step of importing a photo in Arduino and the syntax for parsing the list of pixels].

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Sometimes an artist needs to think outside the box.

Looking back at my IB Computer Science Project

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Sometimes an artist needs to think outside the box.