I said yes to IBM...again!

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

About 8 months ago, I wrote about how I was planning to take a risk by opting to enroll in Cornell's CO-OP program. For that CO-OP, I "accepted an offer to work at IBM as a Technical Support CO-OP intern in the IBM® InfoSphere ® Information Server division in Massachusetts (remotely) from May 2021 to December 2021. I am thankful to IBM for this opportunity to be an IBMer for those months and help support customers from a variety of industries, from Aviation to Retail, through technical issues and continue to upload IBM's values, as well as their mission to innovate globally" (see original post here).

Since then, I've been doing the CO-OP, learning new skills, learning about myself, and achieving with projects I never thought I'd be able to do! I even won an intern award! But I'll let my LinkedIn do the taking there:

I've had an incredible journey thus far in this internship, and I'm glad I took a chance.

In fact, I'm so happy about taking a chance, that I am taking another!

I am going to return to IBM after my graduation in May 2022 as an Associate Data Scientist in IBM Global Business Services' Commerical Public Sector! I'll be located in Cambridge, MA.

I have so much gratitude to express for where I am today!

  1. My family - I'm so grateful that my family was there through the ups and downs of my navigating this process, and I'm excited to look at places with them! "Thank you" is not enough.

  2. My friends and student organizations - both in and out of Cornell: You were always there when I needed you, and you helped me believe in myself and taught me so much - thank you!

  3. My IBM Information Server (Americas) Team, thank you all for giving me valuable workplace experiences to learn from. I will never forget what you all have shown me.

  4. My IBM TAPs/recruiters - Dan Wasson and Molly Diemer, thank you for helping me navigate the application to onboarding get to me where I am now!

  5. In fact, thank you to Katie Bishop and the entire Intern Program team, my experience was amazing hugely due to the work you all put in!

  6. My IBM Network - I hope to stay in touch and continue to learn and grow with you all. Thank you!

See you soon IBM! <3

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