My journey through working at a local radio station.

For the past (almost) two years, I have been working at a radio station called WVBR FM, which is owned by a not-for-profit student organization called Cornell Media Guild Inc ("CMG"). It is a space that has become a second home to me on campus. It is a space that has seen me through many headaches and heartbreaks, persevering through them all. It's a space where friends and co-workers have become family. I would say that this is the place where I acquired some of the most important personal and professional skills and lessons that I know today. Though there were plenty of times where I was ready to walk away from it all, leave it all behind, times where I was so frustrated with the state of the organization or just my state in the organization, I stuck it out, and now I'm here. Some people have joked about me "climbing the corporate ladder" and I laugh with them and shake my head, but in all honesty there is some truth to that. In fact, it the spirit in looking back at my progress, I decided to make a timeline of the time I have shared with WVBR thus far.


August 2018 to March 2019: Radio News Reporter, CMG Member

Back in my wee days of the station, I worked as a news reporter. I was lucky in the sense that I joined with a friend (who later joined the Executive Board as well), but I did feel somewhat homeless and without a scape to grow and thrive in this system. I was conflicted between staying and leaving. I ended up staying on, but in a different capacity.


March 2019 to March 2020: Web Director, News Director

Being both Web Director and News Director of WVBR has been overall one of the most fulfilling professional experiences I have ever had. I came into this job with plenty of passion and skill and a propensity to learn and acquire new resources, but I was not always confident in that knowledge. Through being challenged in this space and having the opportunity to think bigger and create the change that I wanted to see, I learned to be the first person to believe in myself.


March 2020 to Present: Chief Operator

I have a vision for a collaborate team environment where we have a diverse and inclusive set of team members sharing their different expertise and perspectives, and are working together to make the stations technical operations more active and organized. This vision can only happen with hard work in recruiting people who’s skillset and passions address our different areas of need on a technical level. I know the Guild and the committee well enough through time spent to make it happen. I can do a lot of Project Management when it comes to doing upgrades and I know how to create a fast turn-around and get outstanding technical projects done, as well as work with others.

Additionally, my major of Electrical and Computer Engineering gives me a sound (no pun intended) background in how the technical process of transmitting a radio signal works, and doing analytics for systems (including web systems), among other things. I dedicate so much time to this work in the classroom, and I would love to bring that experience to the table, as well as grow in my knowledge through practice in this position.


And the list can only go from here! Oftentimes, people ask me where I plan to go next in the organization, I shrug. I'm conflicted if I'm being honest, there's three positions that I am thinking of, if I even run at all. But no matter where I am in a year, I'm choosing to live in the moment.