Starting a New Technical Position Working Remotely

I recently was appointed Chief Operator of WVBR-FM, and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity that I have been given and the trust that the organization is instilling in me. I had always imagined being the previous Operator's successor and rebuilding a team of active engineers, and getting to know the station's technical operations better. I never anticipated that I would be spending my first few weeks in this position navigating how to repair as many things as possible remotely (with help and guidance from our previous chief engineer). To be perfectly honest though, I'm grateful that I'm learning the remote aspect of things first. If I can figure out which problems I can fix without going to the station, I can optimize time by doing so from where I am, which is helpful if I cannot physically be at the station, and limit physical disruption of day-to-day station work.

VNC Viewer for two of the computers that I am managing,
As social distancing measures remain enforced, this is what my work life in the station is like right now.

I also learned and even mastered some really cool technical skills in the process of my ongoing training:

  • VPNs and Remote Connection to Desktops: To even do any repairs or be a system administrator, I need to connect to the station's VPN and then install VNC viewer and Microsoft Remote Desktop to access some of the desktops.

  • Networks: In learning how to connect to all of the devices we have as an organization, I have been picking up a few things about the network structure as a whole.

  • Remote Broadcasting: Using some of the above skills, I am working with our former Chief Engineer on a longer-term station project to make remote broadcasting possible for DJs with minimal equipment, since the station is closed to all non corporate or non engineering staff.

Overall, this has been an interesting first week in my brand new role in these uncertain times, and I look forward to growing into my position and continuing to further integrate myself into the backend of Technical Operations at WVBR.