Stepping outside of my coding zone.

Lately, being in quarantine has inspired me to think bigger when it comes to my robot project ideas. I have been allowing my imagination to run amok with ideas for things that I can build as soon as I get out of quarantine and have access to more of the necessary supplies. I've even thought about how I would 3D print the packaging for my circuit and how that whole thing would look at the end---all that good stuff. There's just one problem: all of the ideas that I have require material that is not immediately accessible to me at this time. So, I've been struggling to think of projects that I can do, and am still equally as passionate about, but are accessible enough for me to complete at home.

I've been looking through all of my past projects to see if there is an extension I can make to a project that I have already started that is fun, worthwhile and would not require my to have access to materials that I cannot acquire right now. So far, I have one idea for combining the software side of an old project with the hardware side of one of my more recent projects in a fun, new and innovative way. And who knows? With online classes and my other ongoing work, this might be a project that carries me through to the end of quarantine. But I can't help but feel very limited in terms of the possibilities of robot projects I can pursue.

Something that I'm accepting and beginning to think critically about is how I can pursue projects that still engage me and address my goals, but use other mediums to do so. Besides doing lab work via Verilog/Quartus 15.0/FPGA Boards making websites and reconfiguring hardware at WVBR to do different things, I want to explore new mediums for continuing my passion projects. I've even been thinking about releasing design on my online store for the first time in a while.

In thinking about this, I have decided that the medium for my next passion project (when I am done with the lab project that I am currently doing as a class requirement) will be a video game, and the objective of this game will incorporate helping an underrepresented group that has been very near and dear to my heart for a very long time.

In struggling to get to this point of challenging myself to step out of my "coding zone" and use new languages and mediums to pursue my passion projects, I've found one thing about quarantine that isn't so bad for me: time.

With all of the time that I am gaining back from not traveling and whatnot, and the privilege I hold in being of fine health and not having sick family members, I can really sit down, take a deep breath, and be in my own headspace. Being in my own headspace is when I have my best ideas and really feel inspired to do stuff.

I have been really adamant about using this time to get ahead rather than fall behind. As uncomfortable as it may be, I'm stepping out of my #codingzone and seeing what will come of it.