The main classes I have taken at Cornell.

Going into my final semesters as an undergraduate at Cornell, and having changed my major multiple times out of indecisiveness, I have taken a lot of classes, some I loved, and some that I'm glad I tried, but never want to try again in terms of taking the class in its current form. This is not really a critique of the classes themselves, nor am I making this blog post about having to take them or the course staff personally or any of that. Rather, I want to reflect on my experience of taking the class and learning, and how each of these class' subject matters has helped me figure out what I want to do in life.

I do want to point out that I came in with over half of my liberal studies credit, Chemistry and some electives, so I had some extra room to explore courses. I completed my classes at my own pace, but here is the flowchart for comparison (page 61 on the PDF, page 59 in the book) for my major.

This is my list of classes, the requirements it counts for, and my level of enjoyment/applicability of the course in my own experience. This is not to say anyone should or shouldn't take these courses this is what I gravitated towards for my ECE / Robotics studies.

I learned a lot in college, I'm excited for the future!

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